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Yoga For Relaxation
This guided Yoga Nidra for deep sleep invites you to welcome peace and serenity into your life in as little as sixty minutes whilst offering a much deserved pocket of rest to restore your body and your mind.

I have created this simple and trusted Yoga Nidra for sleep for anyone wishing to invite more consistent health and well-being into their daily life. No experience is necessary in order to receive healing benefits from this yogic sleep practice; I recommend to use earbuds to follow the guidance of my voice and make a commitment to lay in stillness for the next one hour.

For best results, please return back to this Yoga Nidra sleep meditation three or more times each week, or whenever you feel you could use a much-deserved break from the overwhelm of daily stressors. To make this sleep meditation more accessible, please bookmark this link in your browser so you can easily find it when you require.

This Yoga Nidra is safe to perform for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. At any time, you can pause or stop this practice and return back to waking life without any adverse effects.

I am sleep coach Luna Langford. I specialize in helping people with sleep issues using a range of techniques based on mindfulness and meditation.

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Please do not listen to our content while driving or operating machinery. LunaYes is not engaged in offering medical or similar professional services, and the information provided is not to replace medical advice offered by a physician or other healthcare provider.

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