Yoga For Beginners
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16-minute standing yoga sequence for seniors & beginners.
A yoga class perfect for beginners, seniors, those of you coming back to Yoga, or those that are just looking for a gentle practice. Over 60? (me too!!) All you’ll need is a mat, join me to get fit and flexible! Yoga etc youtube for seniors & beginners.
Take it slowly and gently BE KIND TO YOURSELF and most of all enjoy the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer. HAPPY STRETCHING!
Tina πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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Please be aware that my instructions are purely for guidance and there is NO NEED TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ME, it is my belief that YOGA IS ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL rather than how you look and you are striving for PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. So take it slowly and gently, listen to your body and go at your own pace. I promise your flexibility will improve gradually if you keep at it, I was the most inflexible person ever right up to my mid-thirties. Yoga has changed my life, so please don’t give up, BE KIND TO YOURSELF and most of all enjoy the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer. HAPPY STRETCHING!!
Tina πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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Share your experience and let me know how it goes. Namaste’ πŸ™

Please remember YOGA IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and it is a journey, not a destination, it may be that you never achieve touching your toes, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that YOU FIND THE RIGHT YOGA ROUTINE FOR YOU, the one that works best for you and makes you feel good, and you do it daily….its that simple.

As we age we tend to feel lethargic and lacking in energy, often due to the sedentary lives we lead. Yoga poses require you to twist and turn your body in all directions, stimulating the nerves and when combined with the correct breathing gives the whole body a fresh supply of pure oxygen and energy-boosting vitality.

Yoga – balance https://youtu.be/mYDlzy3KTrM

Yoga for back pain https://youtu.be/9lDDTqan1rw

Chair yoga https://youtu.be/4-wpPBQZ-as

Yoga daily routine https://youtu.be/051530aW–A


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