5 Easy Yoga Poses For Upper Back Pain ❗️ Between Shoulder Blades ❗️ 😳

Yoga For Beginners
Many factors cause upper back pain. This sequence will help provide relief from upper back pain, between the shoulder blades. https://jivayogalive.com/upper-back-pain-between-shoulder-blades-relief/
Will move through five simple poses that are appropriate for yogis of all levels.

Stretches to relieve pain and tension in neck and shoulders.
Upper back between shoulder blade.

These five postures are incredibly simple while still incredibly effective at providing pain relief! Focus on the breath combined with the postures. This will allow the upper back to gently open and expand, while releasing any held tension and stress. Option to use a bolster or blocks is recommend for extra support. This restorative flow is a perfect way to start or end the day with ease and relief.

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