Why I DON’T Recommend Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief

Yoga For Back Pain
Are you interested in trying yoga for solving or relieving your back, butt or sciatica pain? In this video, I share the 2 biggest and most common issues people run into when doing yoga for sciatica (or really ANY form of pain relief – especially piriformis syndrome or lower back pain with or without the nerve pain down the leg). After seeing what everyone on the internet is recommending… I wanted to jump in & share my raw, honest thoughts on doing yoga for sciatic nerve pain relief.

Now, while I don’t have anything personal against yoga specifically… and I understand that yoga is more than just “poses” and “stretching”… I know MANY people turn to yoga in hopes of relieving their back or sciatica pain – and I want to challenge you to think differently and more logically so you can decide if it’s really what’s best for you!

So whether you have sciatica or piriformis syndrome (deep pain in the butt/glute) or back pain… be sure to watch until the end because I share some key principles and solutions to these yoga-induced problems.

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