Yoga for Lower Legs, Feet, Calves & Ankles {30 mins}

Yoga For Back Pain
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Give a little love to the lower legs and discover how much your feet really do for you!
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Your lower legs support you all day long from the moment you step out of bed to the moment you slide back in. It’s important to spend a little time each week stretching, rolling out and giving this area a little love and attention to promote good lower leg health as well as prevent pain and discomfort throughout the body. This class stretches and mobilizes each of these areas thoroughly through a variety of methods. Enjoy and give those legs some love!

Props: strap OR scarf/belt, tennis ball OR myofascial release ball/racquetball (or get one here:, and 1 blanket OR bath/beach towel (or get one here:

Thank you for practicing with me today and I look forward to practicing with you again very soon!

Peace & Namaste,

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