Happy Shoulders 🥰💪 Basic Yoga Postures to Ease Shoulder Pain [SYJJ#01]

Yoga Postures
Namaste 🙏 Would you like to have happy healthy shoulders?

In this video, I would like to introduce a few simple yet useful yoga posture that will help to ease your shoulder pain. As my age is hitting sixties soon, I realise that my shoulder pain is aching much easier than when I was young. By practising these few postures, I really love the effects of them on my shoulder. Even if you do not have any shoulder problem, you can still practise these yoga postures to build up healthier shoulder!

Remember, it is important to do the yoga posture correctly to get the full effect from it! ✨

🎞️Video Timestamps🎞️
00:00 Beginning and Warm Up
02:12 Cow Face (Gomukhasana)
03:50 Eagle Arm
08:07 Shoulder Press (Simplified Version)
09:21 Scorpion Twist
10:46 Little Puppy Pose
11:22 Thread the Needle (Parsva Balasana)

Hope you like the video and enjoy practising yoga! Please leave comments if you have any enquiry 😇

🐍About JJ the yogini of SmartYoga🐍
A Malaysian Chinese currently living in the UK with the age of sixty just around the corner. Self-proclaimed semi-retire interpreter/translator/yoga instructor. Hopefully inspiring more people about the beautifulness of yoga and having a video collection of her own yoga odyssey.

Videos uploaded onto SmartYoga are for sharing purposes only. These videos are not supposed to be any substitution for medical treatment purposes. Before practising any workout, please make sure that you are in appropriate cloth wear and comfortable condition. Always consult with your health physician if you are suffered from any health condition. Yoga is for everyone – nevertheless, always discuss with your own body when practising any workout. You should feel exerted and relaxed at the same time if you perform the correct yoga posture. Never exceed your physical limit – aim at building up your posture slowly and steadily rather than putting too much strain on your body. SmartYoga disclaims any liabilities for injuries experienced when practising any workout that are introduced in the videos.

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