Yin Yoga for Worry & Anxiety | 20 Mins | Practice for Stress Relief

Yoga For Relaxation
Is worrying keeping you from getting a good night sleep?

Often times worries and anxiety go hand in hand. Our mind can’t seem to turn off at night from the day’s hustle and it turns into anxiety when we can’t stop dwelling on certain thoughts.

This gentle yet effect yin yoga class targets the Stomach/Spleen & Urinary Bladder meridians as well some gentle openings for the Heart meridian. These channels are great to lessen our anxiousness and help us connect back to our spirit or Shen.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Tune in with acupressure points
1:40 Sphinx to target the Urinary Bladder meridian to get rid of irrational fears
4:15 Optional move to Seal
8:07 Chlid’s pose with wide leg variation
11:02 Mantra Ram to target the Solar Plexus (Manipura) chakra to lessen our ambitious drive that often causes anxiety
13:45 Saddle with instructions on how to prop yourself
19:14 Final savasana with body scanning

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