Do This for 20 Seconds, And Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Yoga For Back Pain
Are you sitting down? Chances are, you’ve been sitting here watching videos on your computer for about an hour. While this feels natural most of the time, it can do a lot of harm to your back and neck. You can help relieve this stress by doing easy exercises at home. In fact, you can do them right now!

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The Wall Stretch 0:40

The Pelvic Tilt 2:16

Lumbar Extension Presses 3:18

Behind-the-Back Neck Stretch 4:25

The Seated Heart Opener 5:17

Music by Epidemic Sound

– When you sit in an office chair or on a couch, you compress your spine, especially closer to the bottom of your back. This compression causes stress on your muscles and nerves, causing aches in your lower back.
– The pelvic tilt engages your abdominal muscles, which is really important when relieving lower back pain. The stronger your core muscles are, the better they are at supporting your spine and keeping it strong, making it less likely to feel stress as it compresses in your everyday life.
– This lumbar extension press is particularly effective for people who suffer from disc herniation, which is often caused by excessive sitting. It stretches out the lower back in a direction that you can’t necessarily do standing up and can provide great relief to your lumbar spine.
– Behind-the-back neck stretch is wonderful for relieving tension in the sides of your neck as well as your upper back. If it’s hard for you to do at first, don’t be discouraged! You just have to work on your flexibility. Try doing this move every day.
– The seated heart opener gives your neck a front stretch, which a lot of neck stretches fail to do. It should extend your neck’s flexibility a bit so that it doesn’t feel as tense throughout the day.

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