Lower back pain on one side – QL stretch for back pain (how-to)

Yoga For Back Pain
Have back pain on one side only? Hard to bend to the side? Muscles feel stiff on one side of your lower back? Check out this video for a simple test and long-term solution for your low back pain.

1:40 – Self-test for your low back and Q.L.
3:03 – Stretch for your Q.L. and low back
4:33 – How to strengthen your quadratus lumborum
5:42 – Sets and reps and suggestions for asymmetry

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If you can stretch and strengthen the right back muscles, you can fix back pain yourself. In this video, Matt demonstrates a simple back pain test you can do at home. He also demonstrates a stretch for your quadratus lumborum (q.l. muscle) to eliminate stiffness in your back. You’ll also see how to strengthen your Q.L. to improve your range of motion.



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