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Yoga For Back Pain
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GOT BACK PAIN? Tried Inversion Yoga on the Yoga Trapeze?

As much as 80% of all back pain is sub-clinical meaning you go to the doctor, you get some scans, and they are unable to tell you what’s going on – and yet you’re in pain. So what do you do?

Back pain has numerous causes, but it often comes down to: lack of strength (in the muscles supporting the spine), lack of flexibility, or an imbalance. In some cases, lower back pain can even have emotional causes (such as stress).

There is no one-size-fits all solution to back pain, everyone has to find their own path to healing… but for tens of thousands of students all over the world, The Yoga Trapeze has been part of their healing journey.

Benefits of the Yoga Trapeze:
♦ Instant traction on the spine
♦ Great way to build functional core strength
♦ Dozens of upper body strength/resistance exercises (no gym membership needed)
♦ Passive backbend training

To see if the Yoga Trapeze is right for you, we’re offering a 30-Day $1 Trial so you can test it out and feel it for yourself. If you’re new to the Trapeze, start with the pose shown in this video. It’s called Traction Jackson, and just hanging here for a few minutes daily can make a world of difference.


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