The Best At-Home Hamstring Exercises | Learn How to Improve Your Hamstring Flexibility

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Do you have tight hamstrings? Watch this quick video with tips along with hamstring exercises and stretches that will help you build your hamstring flexibility.

1) Sit less. the more you sit, the tighter your hamstrings will be.
2) Passive Flexibility & Active Mobility – You need passive flexibility to start to improve your overall hamstring mobility, but for longer lasting, more significant results, you want to add strength on to that. You can do that with just your bodyweight, or with added resistance.

Hamstring Stretches/Exercises:
Passive Stretches for Hamstrings: Downdog on wall/chair, reclined hamstring strap stretch
Active Mobility: Airplane
Resistant Training: Single Leg Straight-Leg Deadlifts (dumbbells), Romanian Deadlifts (barbell)

3) Use mobility tools – SMR for soles of feet & hamstrings
• Rolling out your feet
• Hamstring rolling (“benching”) 
• Hamstring flossing

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