19 Minute Yoga: The Recharge Session – Yoga Nidra

Yoga For Relaxation
Take 19 minutes and get fully recharged with this guided Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” relaxation technique. Relieve stress in this state between being awake and asleep, becoming aware of all of your senses.

For yoga classes at home in under 20 minutes, download the 19 Minute Yoga app on iPhone or iPad for over 75 classes!
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From the founder, Nicole D’Alonzo…

Overwhelmed and out of shape. This feeling led to unhealthy habits and the problem I wanted to solve. I decided to make a tool to help people get unstuck. Yoga was the perfect solution.

19 Minute Yoga helps you focus on the present and make better decisions. With short, voice-guided classes, you can turn your attention inward and move with intention.

I wanted people to use this app as a way to rise above the noise and focus on what matters. I wanted to make the most accessible yoga ever. That’s how 19 Minute Yoga was born.

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