Weight loss yoga for beginners || Rajesh Yoga

Yoga For Beginners
Weight loss yoga for beginners || Rajesh Yoga

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10 Helpful Yoga video.

( 1)How To Do Full Camel Pose -https://youtu.be/bPqdIbcIBek
(2)How Do A Wheel pose For -Beginnerhttps://youtu.be/8PvyM-Nq6Q4
(3)How To Do a Chakrasana—https://youtu.be/RsdKf7dCFD0
(4)Back-Bending Yoga Training -https://youtu.be/ZTcNQU4jt50
(5)How to Learning Handstand easy step for beginner-https://youtu.be/AVy5_Gel0CU
(6)How To do Crow pose- https://youtu.be/waEv_CIPKSQ
(7)How To Do Headstand – https://youtu.be/37fnCS5dr-o
(8)Basic Warm up Before do the yoga -https://youtu.be/wgF8Q83WOQA
(9)Chair Yoga for Beginner-https://youtu.be/DfSU6XPEgAA
(10)Special hip Opening Yoga Class -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx4Gi0obdYjA8ZIvpEs2U4CMkXEa3CeFj
Namaste everyone my name is Rajesh welcome to my channel Rajesh Yoga 🙂I hope You enjoy this class so please give me the support Because I create this channel for the help of the people ,those who can’t go to the yoga studio, and those who don’t have too much free time. For better life i request to all of you please practice Yoga Asana everyday at least 1 hrs and 15 mnt meditation, breathing exercise especially Pranayama Practicing yoga has made me a very energetic and enthusiastic person. and if you enjoy this video so please do Like,Comments,share my Videos and don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel Thank you very much 🙏


Thanks for watching #rajeshyoga

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