Evening Yin Yoga with Affirmations for Sleep & Relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation
Enjoy this 45 minute yin yoga class to help prepare you for a deep, restful night’s sleep. It’s a full body stretch with chest and hip openers, hamstring stretches, twists, a supported inversion and relaxing savasana at the end.

In each pose you’ll hear me state one affirmation which you are encouraged to internally repeat to yourself. The purpose of these affirmations is to give your mind something to focus on. Notice how each statement makes you feel and observe how the body responds.

I have done my best today and I am willing to forgive the rest.
All is well and I am supported.
I am free to be in the present moment.
As I inhale peace, I exhale release.
I am deeply grateful for all that I have.
I love and appreciate my body.
I rest inside this pause.
I allow myself to surrender and release control.
I am grounded and safe.
I embrace my dreams.
I give myself permission to rest.

How To Use Daily Affirmations Blog Post: https://bit.ly/3hJMNrG

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