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Yoga For Beginners
Today’s class focuses on the concept of doing something “for the last time”. Often we take beautiful moments for granted, however, we can keep in mind that there will be “a last time” for every experience, pleasant or unpleasant. This provides us with an opportunity to savor life, as everything in life is precious. If it doesn’t seem that way then learning to pay closer attention can make it feel that way – attention is your true source of wealth.

Yoga is a tool that allows you to do this, to be able to pay more attention to what you’re doing in every moment. Every time you notice yourself lost in thought and then return your attention back to the breath, you are training it.

This is a beginner’s level yoga flow to destress, decompress, and feel good. It’s a 30-minute yoga class designed for the full body to stretch, release tension, and reconnect – try your best to stay in Shavasana for at least 3 mins at the end.

This Colour Yoga practice is a great morning yoga class that can also be done at any time of the day when you are in need of a recharge and grounding. Kyle will guide you through this beginner-friendly flow, targeted at improving strength and flexibility. The intention is to synchronize breath with movement and experience the true benefits of yoga.

Try your best to stay in Shavasana for at least 3 mins 🙂

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