Yoga For Men | Episode #1 | (17-Min Follow Along)

Yoga For Men
Hey guys, one thing I often get asked about is Yoga for Men.

Firstly, I always preface that yoga is for EVERYBODY.

Still, guys who are looking for a yoga class ask Dr. Google to bring up some related content. Ideally, you’re seeking a class that offers a bit of a challenge, and allows you the benefit of yoga without having to be a pretzel.

Lo-and-behold, I’ve got just the class for you!

This class is quick, dynamic, and fun. You’ll work through your body’s full ranges of mobility and challenge your strength. There are likely movements you’ll do that you’ve never experienced before!

What’s best, is that I made this class attainable for the beginners, yet it offers opportunities for more advanced variations. It’s not easy! But if it was, you wouldn’t be working.

So feel inspired and motivated to keep up with your practice!

Use this class for improving your overall strength, mobility, and flexibility.

What do you think of this class? Let me know in the comments! Also include anything you’re dying to work on – I’ll try to include it in future sequences.

Finally, you can check out the full playlist and additional content for yoga for men here:

Namaste 🙏

Jason Jacques

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