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My name is Dean Pohlman. I started Man Flow Yoga when I was in college in order to promote yoga among men. I witnessed first-hand the exceptional physical benefits that brought me to the peak of my physical fitness, and then I created my own brand of yoga that would make it more accessible to men, athletes, and physical fitness-minded individuals. I took out the Sanskrit and the meditation and inserted terminology that is familiar to people with sports backgrounds. Instead of focusing on the more spiritual side of yoga, I focus entirely on the physical aspects.

I quit my job six months ago in order to do Man Flow yoga full-time. As of mid-March, Man Flow Yoga is one of the most popular pages for yoga for men on Facebook, with over 10,000 likes and growing at a rate of 300 people weekly. The YouTube channel is currently approaching 3,000 subscribers, and that too is growing at a phenomenal rate. My goal is to bring a form of fitness to people on THEIR terms. You don’t need to subscribe to a certain lifestyle, meditate, or chant. All you need to be ready to do is a form of physical fitness that will get you the body that you want with the capabilities that you need to live an active and happy life.

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