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Yoga For Beginners
Yoga for stress, soothing the mind and body is an ideal practice for complete beginners. If you are tense, hard to relax and feel the effects of living on the go – try this practice. This is one of my favorite practices when I need to catch my breath and pause for a while. It’s super simple and effective – very #soemily style. And you will feel the effects immediately.

This peaceful yin yoga is perfect to end a hard day. Take 15 minutes just to yourself to loosen up, relax, take a deep breath, stretch your body and relieve tension. This yoga pose is perfect for spine, back pain, tense muscles, and anxiety of thoughts.

#emigo, you do not need any accessories, only a mat, but also a blanket or a towel will be just fine.

Yoga during pregnancy? This practice will also be appropriate for you as long as you have no contraindications and permission from your doctor.

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More about me: Hello! This is Emi 🙂 I help my #emigos change everyday habits and feel good in my body. I am a personal trainer, specialist in dietetics and part of our super coaching team. You can try exercises with me that will change your attitude to movement, use this enormous energy of my community and be inspired by the challenges that I have prepared for you. If that’s not enough – I invite you to use my training and diet programs as well as online personal training from anywhere in the world. I have helped hundreds of #emigos over the past years. Try it and you will not be disappointed. Thanks for your trust. Together we can do more!


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