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Yoga For Women
“Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women, Nature, Nurture, Me”

Know who you are, know what is the meaning of woman, of the sacred feminine.
The sacred feminine is all love, all nourishment, all compassion.
She is like the sacred weather;
unpredictable, uncontrollable, incomparable, unsustainable, and an inexplicable wonder. And that’s the way we love and adore her.
She blooms by praise. Love, adore, worship, praise and her heart blooms and that is what we invoke, blooming non judgmental trustworthy compassionate hearts.
Every woman understands another woman’s heart in her true and naked being.
There is nothing but love, patience and understanding.
If we find something else, like jealousy, comparison, rivalry, judgment, competition, unworthiness, we are blinded by Ignorance that covers and projects untruth. We have to remove this veil.
Think with your heart and trust your intuition. Everything else is painful.


BE WOMAN, be yourself, you are the gold in and through all the ornaments, incomparable absolutely unique like a snowflake. Appearing as many as though.
Every woman is my sacred mirror.
Every form is my form, every name is my name. Be yourself, then you are love, then you are comfortable, you are what is, un negatable, self existent shining being
Be, shine, attract. Like a lotus flower, let all the bees come to you. What attracts is happiness that has no reason, you are the source of attraction, you are the source of happiness and security.

ALL WOMEN, there is no difference, no separation, we are one and so oh dear NATURE, mother of the universe, all nourishment and healing power you are, NURTURE ME.
And also Me referring to there is only Me, there is only Woman, there is only LOVE.
This prayer has touched and blessed my heart so profoundly that i added a melody and started to chant, sing and share it with my sacred sisters in Devi Circles that i started to organize and hold.
Today this mantra has been shared with many women and we have added a few more lines.
It goes like this
Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women. Nature Nurture Me.
Free Woman, Strong Woman, Brave Women. Find your Voice and Shine.

Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women. Nature Nurture Me.

With love and heart


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