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Yoga For Back Pain
Yoga For Sciatica pain relief exercises one of the best daily yoga home practice for back pain. This Practice also relives lover back pain of all types.
Are you suffering from Sciatica? Have you ever thought yoga can help to overcome this serious issue of Backpain? here we have sequence to relive backache, then watch the video below to find out the ways to get rid of Sciatica.
Practice This Backpain relief sequence 3 times a day.
Makarasana (Crocodile pose) contraction and relaxation
Shalabhasana breathing (Locust pose breathing)
Eka pada rajakapotasana(Pigeon Pose)
Urdhava Prasarita Padasana(Single Leg Raises)
SethuBandaAsana Breathing(Bridge Pose with Breathing)
once you got better
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