How to Pike: Hard Yoga Poses Made Easy

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How to work towards “piking” into handstand:

In the ‘Hard Yoga Poses Made Easy’ series, we focus on a particular yoga pose or skill that seems (or is) very difficult and we make it a lot easier by breaking it down into actionable, realistic, and sequential steps.

In this tutorial, we focus on the action and transition called “the pike”.

This one is all about keeping the legs zipped together and working towards jumping forward from downward facing dog and into a handstand (with the legs pressing together).

To get to this point, we cover 5 steps/drills that you can start practicing today as you work towards the full transition (step 5). Here are the 5 steps/drills we’ll be going over:

1) Pike jumps
2) Hold at the wall
3) Jump forward
4) Balance
5) Pike Up

Take your time, enjoy the ride, and always feel free to ask questions!

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