Yoga for back pain relief “Decompress: Eliminate excess” (open level)

Yoga For Back Pain
This Yogea back pain relief sequence is especially designed to promote correct postural alignment, tone and elongate the musculature of the entire spinal column. A series of breathing exercise sets the healing mood of the practice and brings the focus to the lengthening of the lower back and the dropping of the tailbone, while radiating from the crown. Unconventional twists and binds are introduced to nurture both the convex and concave curvatures of the spine. Subtle backbends alternate with abdominal toners. Standing postures are modified to accommodate spinal twists and soothing binds that both relax and engage the muscles. Seated squats, semi-inversions and forward bends encourage equal elongation through both sides of the waist and promote flexibility in the thoracic spine. Comforting forward bends and hip openers help wind down as the body absorbs all the healing mental, physical and postural benefits of this spinal relieving routine.

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