Christian Yoga for Anxiety: 35 min Flow

Yoga For Relaxation
Welcome to this Christian Yoga for Anxiety: 35 min Flow video!

For those of us who struggle with anxiety, it’s not uncommon to feel disconnected from ourselves, those around us, and God. The Bible has a lot to say about worry, fear, and anxiety, but in this practice we pursue a deeper, more embodied understanding of what anxiety is and how we can overcome its authority in our lives.

Anxiety stops growing and spreading when we stop feeding it. When we are connected to Love in all things, at all times, anxiety loses its authority because “perfect love casts out fear.” So the invitation before us today is to notice when anxiety is the authoritative voice, notice how it feels in your body, turn and face it, and then choose to plug back into Love. Invite Jesus into that fear. Invite Jesus into the feeling. Welcome the presence of Love and choose to abide in it. Let the power of Love silence anxiety.

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