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Yoga For Back Pain
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*Disorder : A wakeup call*

Instead of seeing disease/disorder as something to be feared and quickly eradicated, yoga teaches us, that from a spiritual point of you, disease is our friend and teacher.
Disease indicates that we have been making an error in our lifestyle or thinking and have become unbalanced. It shows us that we must make some changes if we are to live a healthy,fuller and joyous. When we are sick ,we are forced by nature to wake up to our transgressions of natural laws.Regaining our awareness through yogic practices is the key to health.

*Back pain and its mechanism*

Backache is one of the most common disorders today. Recent studies have shown that the majority of the backaches are caused simply by a muscular insufficiency and inadequate flexibility of muscles and tensions.

Common site of backache is the lower back, followed by the neck and the region between the shoulder blades.This pain arises when the muscles surrounding and supporting the spinal column are held rigidly and uncomfortable contracted over a long period of time (poor posture,long hours of uncomfortable car seats,office chairs and even stress).

**This program is specifically designed to increase the functional efficiency of the various muscle groups responsible for back pain.
You can also practise this sequence before pranayam.*

*Tradition oriented approach to Yoga practise for maximised benefits and healing* 

1.Awareness/Attention (on what you are doing and different sensations)
2.Breathing (focus on inhalations and exhalations,gradually guiding the breath to the affected areas)


These asanas (refer video) should be practised everyday.Listen to your body and be aware of any discomfort.Reassess the state of your back and general health after one month.Seek expert/ doctor’s advice incase of any recent surgery or injuries before starting the practise.

*Practicing Pranayam,Mudras and Positive health affirmations for back pain (refer video-coming soon)*

Many Yoga therapists see a great connection between emotional difficulties and back pain,which is reflected in the expression “unable to bear the burden”.Attention to breath,as always,is the part of the yogic prescription for back pain.Practises like deep breathing,Anulom viloma (alternate nostril breathing) and Bhramari (Humming bee breath) are useful to calm down an overactive stress-response system.

Special Mudra for back pain is unique with different arrangements for the left and the right hand.It is reccomended for upto 15-20 minutes everyday.

The body-mind connection is often overlooked when experiencing pain.Positive affirmations helps us to tap in our mind and create healing,relaxing and positive thoughts to bring relief from back pain.

*Some important tips for back-care and pain management* 

Posture while sitting/standing or lying down is crucial factor.Try to avoid slouching and stooping.

Frequently change your positions.Take regular breaks at work place.

Wear the correct type of shoes.(avoid narrow-toes shoes and high heels)

Application of ice is useful during active injury.After healed injury heat application is reccomended.Heat therapy also helps in reducing stiffness.

Avoid bending at the waist to lift heavy objects.Fold forward from the hips to avoid rounding the back.

*Wisdom Note Beyond Pain* 

Yoga teaches us that we must learn to use and value our suffering as springboards in our spiritual evolution.Somehow we have lost our awareness of who we are and how we can lead a useful and aware lives.Loss of awareness allows the disease to creep in.The yogic process brings about rebalance,insight,understanding and appreciation of the universal,natural laws which operates in the world we live in.

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