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Kundalini Meditation
Sadhguru is a yoga master, meditation master from India. The kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation, third eye chakra mediation (or) “inner engineering” an advanced kriya yoga meditation techniques / asanas he teaches all over the world has benefited millions of people / beginners to not only come out of depression, fear, sleep disorders, stress but also this kriya yoga meditation has helped people to awaken the kundalini shakti with in themselves and also helped millions of beginners to have the experience of third eye opening / activation and through the third eye guided meditation to heal themselves of any chronic diseases and obtain disease resistance.

Fortunately, I am one in that million, the kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation he has taught me through an advanced yoga meditation exercises called “Inner engineering”, which has not only helped me to come out chronic diseases such as fear, depression, headaches.

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