34-Minute Lower Body Workout | Beginner-Friendly | Increase Hip Flexibility!

Yoga For Men
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Strengthen your lower body and increase hip flexibility with this 34-minute workout from our Members’ Area.

Here’s a 30-minute beginner-friendly workout to increase hip flexibility and build endurance to hold lower-body-focused yoga postures. Learn the technique for runner’s lunge, low, warrior 1, and warrior 2 while increasing flexibility to strengthen your knees, lower-back, and hips. You’ll also learn modifications using blocks and a strap for these essential postures.

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Required Tools: Yoga Mats, 2 Blocks, Yoga Strap

Duration: 30 minutes
Skill Level: Beginner
Target Area: Hips, Lower-Body
Fitness Focus: Flexibility, Endurance, Overall
Intensity Level: 3
Workout / Tutorial

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