5 Yoga Poses To Deal with Insomnia | Yoga Poses to relax

Yoga Postures
When you practice yoga, you are in touch with your breathing and every single part of your body. Yoga helps you get rid of your sleeplessness, helps you de-stress and unwind ensuring to get a good night’s rest.

Here are 5 Yoga Poses to deal with Insomnia

Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend, with variants such as Padahastasana where the toes are grasped. Eliminates stress, anxiety and fatigue by energizing the body.

Ardha Matsyendrāsana – This asana helps to massage and stimulate the pancreas, regulate the secretion of both adrenaline and bile. It also relieve stress and tension that is trapped in the back.

Viparita Karani – legs up the wall pose is an asana where the pose is fully supported using a wall and sometimes a pile of blankets.

Makarasana – Crocodile Pose is a relaxing yoga asana. It is perfect for back and shoulder problems. It relieves the strain caused by practicing other yoga asanas.

Shavasana, – is an asana used for relaxation at the end of a session. It is the usual pose for the practice of yoga nidra meditation

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