Yoga specially for women & stomach or digestive Problems ཟས་འཇུ་བདེ་དང་ཕོ་བ་བུ་མེད་མཆེད་ཡོ་ག།༽

Yoga For Women
Yoga specially made for stomach related issues. This yoga will help in digestive problems. Women of any age should do this yoga atleast in a day. Loving tara makes special yoga for women & women related issues. This yoga is very good during period or menstrual time. 1. Bhujangasan / Bhujangasana (cobra pose) is prevention for many intestine,kidney & women related problems/disease. 2. Dhanurasan / Dhanurasana (Bow pose) will cure all digestive related issues like gastric bloating problems, menstrual period times, constipation & kidney problems. It’s also brings flexiblity to your spine & back. It removes hooked shoulder.
lastly as loving tara aims to make yoga for women & women’s problem, we have come with Supta baddha konasan/ Asana which is the best during period time. You can call this menstrual relieve medicine. those with stomach cramps during menstrual time has to do only this. removes cramps, tightness. Best relaxation yoga also.

Basic stomach & digestive related issue yoga is brought in. because Due to our bad eating habbits,artificial food & stressful life, many stomach related problems are key health issues which if not take care now will lead to more serious issue. so loving tara has come up with this yoga to remove stomach, intestine problems (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation, stress, back problems, spine issues & to bring flexiblity in the body.
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