Yoga Tips for Beginners

Yoga For Beginners
Whether you are a beginner to yoga or have you been doing yoga for a while but still have questions, there’s always more to learn. This video is for anyone open to learning more and is also a great form of entertainment, for anyone looking to simply enjoy the interaction between husband and wife! Ha!

Join Kara and husband, David (a true beginner), in this instructional video that will be sure to help you with some tips in 5 popular yoga poses. Tips include using props and alternate poses. For downward dog, can you think of an alternative on the knees? Using a chair? There are many options to get us in and out of yoga poses. It’s simply finding what works for our body. We are here to help you out! Enjoy the banter and love between this married couple of over 20 years. The puppy is cute too! Adopted from Houston Street Dogs. Check them out!

Poses covered in this video:
1. Easy Pose 2. Downward Dog 3. Plank 4. Cobra 5. Warrior One.

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