Bikram Yoga Talk Introduction #1 for Lumbar Back Pain & Sciatica

Bikram Yoga
Bikram Yoga with Silja actually demonstrates poses and moves for assuaging pain. This introductory video is simply talk based.

Watch this short series of Bikram Yoga poses in order to help prevent the onset of lumbar pain. Modifications are demonstrated based on mobility of each individual. While traditional Bikram Yoga movements are demonstrated, the difference with IboGreen’s program is that we believe each individual has his/her awareness of subtle movement strectches within a basic Bikram yoga pose that would be beneficial specifically for his body, based on his own internal sensations. Therefore, we do not insist on the holding of a particular pose, rather we encourage people to get in tune with their bodies and do sub-strectching, twisting and/or angle alterations that are optimal for the self. We are not the cookie cutter program in any shape or form. If you want to be a clone and follow the “heard” . . . Respectful moo to you. Cheerio!!

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