Kundalini awakening ☯

Kundalini Meditation
Kundalini awakening – Sanskrit: कुण्डलिनी
Your physical body is a vehicle that functions with oxygen through breathing to make it aware from the holographic reality that you live in. You loose your illusory identify when the 33 vertebral system is illuminated, opening the 3rd eye portal to create consciously your own reality…like Jesus or Buddha did it. Afraid, yes…you will have it from abandon the 3D illusion and enter your true nature made by light. But fear it’s an illusion too…!
Good fortune to all

Abracadabra – Aramaic/ Hebrew – means “I create what I speak”

yù yī – 玉衣
n. the desire or self induce experience to see with fresh eyes, and feel things just as intensely as you did when you were younger, before expectations, before memory, before words, merging yourself in the experience of oneself in a *fictional* story ( Being a Child again, a Cosmic Masterpiece creation ).

“God wills, the man dreams, and the work is born.
God did that the earth should be all one,
That what the sea might join be now not torn.
He hallowed you. Foam-unveiling, you went.

And the white orle from isle to continent lit
Up, running on and on to the world’s end,
And suddenly Earth was seen total, out
From the profound azure arising, round.

Who hallowed you created you Portuguese.
To the sea and to us you were His call.
The Sea grew whole, the Empire shook to pieces.
Lord, Portugal has yet to fulfill its destiny!

20-2-1933 (From “Mensagem”, by Fernando Pessoa)

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