Yoga Nidra Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Bath for Anxiety Relief & Relaxation

Kundalini Meditation
Yoga Nidra Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Bath featuring Healer Ernie Schuerman and his talented yoga instructor wife Stacey of Sunspark Yoga. The couple team up to bring a powerful combination of sound healing music combined with the trance of Yoga Nidra to help reduce anxiety, clear the subconscious mind and achieve deep states of relaxation. We encourage you to check out their site and live teachings on their channel and on or in their beautiful studio located in Old Town Orange, California

This meditation is intended to help viewers achieve a meditative mind through yoga at home while healing through sound. ” My wife Stacey and I have decades of combined experience as partners leading deep meditations and sound healing practices. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to produce these videos which we hope will help people find peace and ease their anxiety during this crisis.” — SunSpark Yoga co-founder Ernie Schuerman.

About this series: This video is the first in a series of sound healing and yoga videos produced in partnership with SunSpark Yoga. Be sure and bookmark our playlist here to catch all of our upcoming sound baths and sound healing videos:

About SunSpark Yoga:
SunSpark Yoga, an independent, family-owned and operated community studio, was founded in April 2012 and is still operated by both Stacey & Ernie Schuerman through their desire to share a love of yoga, mindfulness & community with others. They found their perfect location in Orange, CA in an historic building of Old Towne Orange. SunSpark Yoga, Stacey and Ernie, their instructors and students are a big part of the community in Old Towne Orange. You can find them in the studio, around the Orange Plaza or in the fabulous selection of restaurants in the circle.

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Tibetan Bowls Sound Bath 🧘‍♀️ Singing Bowls Only (no talking)

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