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Yoga For Relaxation
This is a beginners 30 Minute restorative yoga for stress relief and relaxation routine. Today’s class is all about relaxation and calming the mind and body to relieve stress and promote calmness. You can do this yoga class before bed or any time of the day to find stress relief. During this 30 minute restorative yoga for beginners class we will work through gentle movements and stretches to help breathe with more ease and to bring calmness into the body and mind. This yoga class offers various beginner friendly hip opening stretches along with heart openers.
After practicing this yoga class you may feel a sense of relief physically and mentally. Yoga is one of the best stress relief options.

This 30 minute yoga class is part of my free “7 class beginners yoga for overall health series” and can be used consistently in any particular order.

See you on the mat!

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As with all physical activity, Yoga included, it is important to listen to your body at all times and never exceed the sensation of just a light stretch. If you feel pain or extreme discomfort do not do the yoga pose, movement or stretch and come to something that feels better for you.
Always consult your doctor about any physical activity.

By donating to the Yoga With Bird YouTube channel you are helping in creating new content & keeping yoga free and accessible to all.
Grateful for your generosity

Yoga Wheel: https://mbsy.co/LCGmf

Some links may be affiliate links that Yoga With Bird earns a small percentage of how ever each affiliate product is something she genuinely loves and has used herself. Please consult your physician before joining in on this practice. By participating in this activity you acknowledge that yoga is a physical discipline that requires a certain amount of mental concentration and physical strength and endurance. You agree to work according to your own limitations and take full responsibility for your own safety and well-being. Listen to your body at all times and never do anything that causes pain. You acknowledge that participation in this activity exposes you to a possible risk of personal injury. You are fully aware of this risk and hereby release Yoga With Bird/Francine Cipollone from any and all liability, negligence, or other claims, arising from, or in any way connected, with your participation in this activity.

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