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Yoga For Beginners
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Now is a good time to learn Yoga from home… Increasing our health and inner strength whilst enduring the necessary self-isolation to flatten the surging curve of the Coronavirus pandemic. So, with that in mind, welcome to the 4th class of Beginners Yoga Module A! (link to previous classes below). It’s a wonderfully constructed 12 part course designed by B.K.S Iyengar himself and translated as ‘purely’ as possible for you here. It’s really worth starting at the beginning as each teaching builds on the last. New poses, new alignments, new ways of understanding.
Practice each class 3X a week and then move onto the next. I promise that if practiced as suggested you will experience beautiful structure, strength and fluidity that will add in infinite empowering ways to daily life and living. Hope that those of you who have wanted to follow a course and feel a sense of evolution in their practice will join me here. Please do let me know your experience! Made with love and light. x Cat

1st Class Beginners A: https://youtu.be/tgmaWdFq7W4
2nd class Beginners A: https://youtu.be/QcJgCJrVkJ0
3rd Class Beginners A: https://youtu.be/0n8K-JdmV34
5th class: https://youtu.be/CB925MvRB2M
6th class: https://youtu.be/Qt1r4dJ0JgY
7th Class Beginners A: https://youtu.be/74q-yFPtm_c

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