Couple’s Yoga: Stretches for Back Pain Relief and Sciatica Treatment I 2

Yoga For Back Pain
This yoga video takes you through various yoga back stretches with the help of a yoga partner. These couple’s yoga poses and yoga asanas help prevent back injuries and sciatica. These yoga positions and back exercises are great way to get relief from lower back pain.

Sretch 1:
Partner 1 stretches their legs in the seated position, partner 2 places their feet on the other’s back, holds their hand & pushes with their feet

Stretch 2:
Partner 1 sits with their legs crossed & arms stretched out to the sides. Partner 2 pushes the other’s wrists towards each other at the back

Stretch 3:
Partner one interlocks their hand behind the neck, partner two pushes the elbows of partner one with their forearms closer to them so that the shoulders stretch

Stretch 4:
Partner one sits cross-legged with their hands on their hips, partner two uses their forearms to push the other’s elbows towards each other

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