30-Minute Core Exercise For Beginners | Build Your Core Strength & Awareness | #yogaformen

Yoga For Men
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This is a 30-minute for beginners to build core strength and awareness. All exercises are on the ground, so you can isolate your core to develop core muscle awareness and specifically build core strength. And instead of just targeting your abs, this core workout builds comprehensive core strength – your hips, your abs, and your back. Doing this workout regularly helps to increase overall core strength, but also to build core awareness for functional fitness or daily movement. You’ll need a yoga mat, a block, and a wall (or similar support) for this workout.

Skill Level: Beginner, All Levels
Target Area: Core, Hips
Fitness Focus: Strength
Intensity Level: 3
Workout / Tutorial

Required Equipment: Yoga Mat, Block, Wall

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