Mens 15min Yoga for Upper-Body Strength & Mobility (with yoga strap)- Shoulder Opening Routine

Yoga For Men
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Challenge your core strength and strengthen your back in new ways with the use of a strap. Don’t have a strap? Use a belt, dog leash, or stick!

This workout will greatly improve the range of motion of your entire upper-body by focusing on strengthening and opening your shoulders, core, and obliques.

During this workout, stay focused on properly activating your core and back muscles while stretching your front (chest, ribs, hips)- basically the opposite of what we tend to do during the day working at a desk or computer, or hunched over our phones.

Shoulder pain from tight shoulders is common, and working on upper-body mobility and flexibility can be painful if you haven’t been incorporating stretches into your workout routine. Doing upper body routines like this one will improve your shoulder strength, flexibility, and mobility over time, which will lead to better posture and injury prevention. This is an intermediate workout, so be mindful of how your body feels during this routine and focus on your progress over time.

If you are just starting to work on shoulder flexibility and mobility and need something a little more beginner-friendly, I have another video which is 5-minutes and walks you through the 4 best yoga stretches for shoulder flexibility for men (link below)

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