Yoga For Men – Full Video Classes For Guys – Sequence #2

Yoga For Men
This is sequence 2 of the Yoga for Men YouTube series.

Remember, yoga is for everybody. But… I always get asked about Yoga for Men. And I get where other guys are coming from. Yoga classes are, for the large majority women. Nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes it’s nice to have some bro energy around in your yoga classes.

Which is exactly why I created this Yoga for Men video series. You and I can meet up and broga down every week. Throw on your favourite music and I’ll guide you through some unique yoga flows. How’s that sound?

These yoga for men classes are full of great mobility and strength movements. They’re inspired by traditional yoga asanas – but we include some more modern biomechanics. I will be making these classes attainable for the beginners, yet opportunities for more advanced poses. Feel inspired and motivated as you work through these classes!

Yoga for men is going to be a great series for improving your overall strength, mobility, and flexibility!

What do you think of this class? Let me know in the comments. Also include anything you’re dying to work on – I’ll try to include it in future sequences!


Jason Jacques

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