Best Shoulder Workout for Shoulder Mobility and Flexibility | Great for Beginners!

Yoga For Men
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Here’s a 27-minute workout designed to help beginners improve their shoulder flexibility and mobility. It’s especially great for guys who are more inflexible, because we start with stretches and modified poses to help you open up your shoulder, and then move on to yoga postures (still with modifications for inflexible people) to build flexibility and strength in your shoulders & upper-back. It allows you to initially increase your flexibility before getting into yoga postures, which makes it way easier if you’re not that flexible yet. You’ll need a yoga block, strap, and a wall for this workout. (If you don’t have those, you can use similar equipment for the same result.)

Skill Level: Beginner, All Levels
Target Area: Shoulders, Upper Body
Fitness Focus: Flexibility, Mobility, Overall
Intensity Level: 3
Tutorial / Workout

Required Equipment: Yoga Mat, Strap, 2 Blocks (Optional)

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