Bhakti Nidra- Great Mother Total Yoga Nidra- free sample track- Uma Dinsmore-Tuli Sivani Mata

Yoga For Relaxation
This free nidra track is a sample of a whole album (track 1 of 4) of live recordings of heartfelt devotional meditations with voice, mantra and poetry. The complete album- Bhakti Nidra- is available to buy on the Yoga Nidra Network website here:

Great Mother Bhakti Nidra with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Sivani Mata Francis and harmonium. This nurturing nidra, has the mantra JAI MA (‘Victory to the Mother’, or ‘Viva Pachamamma!’) running throughout in Sivani’s beautiful voice. It was recorded live in an evening session at a Women’s (Mother and Daughter) retreat in Cleeve House in Wiltshire I the early Spring of 2018. The poem ‘And the Great Mother Said’ is by Linda Reuther.

Album information: Bhakti Nidra (resting in devotion)- Heartfelt nurturing Total Yoga Nidra meditations with voice, music and poetry. An album of live recordings of multi-vocal, musical Yoga Nidra practices in the spirit of Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion to spirit. By Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, with Sivani Mata Francis, Susie Ro Prater and Antarma Anthony Buckland.

Nourish your heart with Bhakti Nidra – the treasure of deep rest with the healing sounds of sacred Sanskrit mantras and poetry. These multi-vocal Total Yoga Nidra practices are creative co-collaborations, which manifested to nourish and heal through a combination of Total Yoga Nidra, vocal improvisations, medicine music, and mantra.

Purchase the complete album here:

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