Easy Yoga Exercise Routine to help you Sleep.

Yoga For Relaxation
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Sleep better with this bedtime or evening yoga routine. Join wellness expert Caroline Jordan for this quick, soothing yoga sequence to help you calm down and go to sleep fast. Doing yoga exercises before bedtime can be just what you need. This relaxing yoga workout is designed to do in bed or on a yoga mat to calm your body and mind. The moves will relax your body and mind, but the best part is that you can do the video anywhere (when traveling, at home, or at the studio) to see quick results. Boost relaxation and beat insomnia by soothing your mind and body before bed with this short, free video routine. Each exercise will help you stretch your tight muscles and brush off fatigue from your day. Perfect remedy for stress, overwork, or nights when you want to get to sleep fast.

Feel free to repeat the video series more than once for a longer routine you can do anywhere. And make sure to share the video with your friends who are struggling to sleep better!

As always, please check with a doctor before starting any exercise routine. Honor your body and its injuries – be safe, work hard, and stay positive! Enjoy this video and sweet dreams to you. Much love and gratitude, Caroline

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Always check with your doctor before beginning any workout routine. Practice mindfulness and stay smart – take care of your body and do whats right for you! Heres to health and a long life 🙂
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