3 Gentle Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Yoga Postures
Ease your way into opening your heart with three yoga poses that stretch the chest and encourage the heart chakra to awaken. You’ll need two yoga blocks for this gentle yoga practice.

I’m Caren Baginski, writer and 300-hour certified yoga teacher, and my mantra is “Where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be.” I teach yoga and meditation to help you live in your heart, not in your head.

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While I offer yoga instruction for all levels, the poses in this video may not be tailored for your specific health condition or fitness level. Please consult with your physician before beginning.

By voluntarily participating in the yoga instruction given here or on carenbaginski.com, you are aware that participation may result in accident or injury and you assume that risk.

You understand and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for any and all risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which might occur as a result of your participation, and agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that you have now or hereafter may have against Caren Baginski/Happy Momentum LLC and its employees as a result of your participation.

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