Advanced 🐍 “KUNDALINI AWAKENING” Hypnosis Meditation to Activate the Divine Forces Within (WARNING!)

Kundalini Meditation
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Listen Now to the MOST intense Kundalini Awakening Meditation Music in the world, and connect directly to the divine energies that have been responsible for transforming mere mortals into living Gods for eons.

(Please Listen with Headphones)

Disclaimer: WARNING! Unless you are completely confident in your desire to awaken the immense power of your kundalini energy, and have received ample guidance on how to cope with the brutal force of its divine purpose, then we strongly urge you NOT TO LISTEN to this music.

The Kundalini energy is NOT a thing to be played around with!
It is NOT a fantasy and NOT a game!
The stimulation and activation of the kundalini energy should ONLY be done by those whom are absolutely ready.
And we will NOT be held accountable for anyone whom attempts to raise kundalini energy without first seeking proper council and training.

The Kundalini’s purpose is to purge the energetic and physical body of ALL negative energy, past and present, and although this may not seem like much to some of you,
imagine ALL of your fears, ALL of your insecurities, ALL of your guilt, resentment, anger, and anything else you may have stored up throughout your life/lives,
brought to the surface for you to live and experience,
for the sake of learning the intended lesson so as to enlighten, evolve and ascend as a spiritual God on Earth.

Does that sound like fun to you?
It’s power has destroyed MANY throughout time. Many whom weren’t ready.
But for those of you who are…….it’s rewards are unimaginable.

Think you’re ready? Well then let’s go.
Listen Now!

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Listen to this Powerful 1hr Hypnosis Meditation to Awaken and Raise your Divine Kundalini Energy Now!

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Thank You x.

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