Easy 5 Minute Yoga Routine To Start The Day

Yoga For Men

2019 Man Flow Yoga New Years Challenge- Establish a Routine
6-week Challenge
You don’t have to be an MFY member to sign-up!

Learn more at manflowyoga.com/training/establish-your-routine/

This video includes a quick 5-minute yoga routine you can do in the morning, or any time you can fit in a movement break into your day.

Why do a 5-minute yoga routine?

1. It gets you moving. It’s important to incorporate movement into your day aside from your workouts.

2. The theme of the first MFY challenge of 2019 is all about establishing a routine and creating healthy habits. This 5-minute routine doesn’t demand a lot of time or energy, and you can build from there. Doing something everyday creates a habit, and pretty soon morning movement will become an automatic part of your routine..

3. To feel better throughout the day. Improve your posture, get your blood flowing, boost your mood and energy, activate muscle groups, and stretch!

Want to learn more about the Man Flow Yoga New Years Challenge?

This is a 6-Week Challenge to help you establish a habit of daily exercise and movement, make healthier decisions, and establish a lifestyle in which healthy and wellness is a priority. Kicks off on Monday, January 7!

This Challenge is for:

-Guys interested in low-impact fitness to build strength and increase flexibility
-People who need help getting into a fitness routine
-Guys new (or relatively new) to yoga who are inflexible & want a type of yoga suited to their needs & goals
-People who want to do workouts that leave you feeling energized & awesome (instead of broken down and dreading your next workout)
-Men who want to improve their overall health and wellness

The Challenge will help you to:

-Establish a daily routine of exercise and movement.
-Improve your body composition – to burn fat, increase muscle, and achieve a healthier body weight.
-Improve your overall physical fitness, to feel, move, and look your best.
-Increase your strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall mobility.
-Start your morning off with energy, improve your energy levels throughout the day, wind down at night, and improve your quality of sleep during the night.

Learn more at https://manflowyoga.com/training/establish-your-routine/

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