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Rank-Imani donation program for LANG’ATA WOMEN’S PRISON
Yoga in the prison.
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This is a sprawling complex with the women’s prison and a remand Centre. This makes the prison a maximum security facility. Langata prison hosts women who are convicted of crimes such as assault, murder, and robbery using a weapon from the entire country. It is the largest women’s prison in Kenya.

The prison has a remand and condemn (the actual prison). Remand holds the women whose cases are still pending or on-going while condemn holds women who have already been convicted and sentenced.

The remand prison is a large structure. It contains cells that have been organized around a courtyard. Cells are small rooms containing a bathroom. Each prisoner has a bed.

The condemn is quite different from the remand. The one-storey stone buildings are covered with red mud and are spaced throughout the entire complex evenly with pathways. There are also patches of grass although not around all the buildings. This creates a monotone color scheme.

The prisoners have the freedom to choose how they would like to spend their days, not unless they have to attend a court session. So they can choose to stay in the cells, prepare for court, take part in the various prison rehabilitation projects.

Other than the wards, (places where inmates sleep), there is the kitchen, the administration offices, a bakery, counselling buildings/classrooms, sports area, a dispensary, an industry room that inmates use to make handcrafts.

Our program is geared towards providing the inmates with the amazing yoga experience and ensure that they get to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga is also a great way for the prisoners to unwind and relax and still stay healthy and fit. The donations will assist in getting them appropriate yoga apparels and props including other necessities that they require like sanitary pads and clothes for the kids. Your generous donations will change an inmate’s life!

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