Relieve stress with Yoga Poses – Part 1

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“Relieve stress with Yoga Poses

Is stress getting the better of you? Can’t seem to find peace? Try yoga to calm your mind and find inner peace.
Are hectic schedules and traffic chaos in metros getting on your nerves? Feeling irritable and cranky? Try yoga. Studies have demonstrated how yoga calms the mind and brings about inner relaxation and transformations.
Yoga calms down your nerves, brings mental peace and most of all, keeps the many harmful effects your body suffers due to high stress levels at bay. Ask a person suffering from hypertension how important stress management is. Too much stress puts pressure on the body system, leading to kidney problems and heart disorders. A yoga session for 15 minutes every day and you will be ready to combat all this and more.
How do yoga poses work?
Deep breathing techniques bring more oxygen into your body and nourish the cells, ensuring that they remain healthy and function to the optimum levels. The yoga asanas (yoga poses) bring flexibility to your body, get the vital life force energy flowing evenly, thus bringing about a wonderful balance. Visualization exercises that you do during yoga bring about mental awareness and positive thinking, making you more aware, calm and focused.
What should you do?
It’s easy! Just set aside 10-15 min a day regularly and dissolve into a blissful relaxation experience. Yoga trainers will instruct you, guide you and tell you as to what is best for your body type. Deep meditations, breathing exercises and guided imagery are best for overexcited and hyperactive people, whereas under-active people can opt for rhythmic exercises and meditations that stimulate the nervous system and bring about positive thinking.

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