Yini Yoga Breathing Basics, Yini Yoga: Yoni Inspired Yoga for Women, Yoni Healing

Yoga For Women
The most important part of yoga is connecting to our breath. Tapping into deeper breathing exercises supports us in opening our Third Eye, Pineal Gland + intuitive center. As we begin a flow, tap into the sound of your breath, your inner fire.

Discover a new blend of Yoni Inspired Yoga for Women centered on igniting your Inner F.I.R.E. or Flow. Inspire. Restore. Energize.

In this Preview Series discover:
✔︎ Yini Yoga Basics
✔︎ Yini Yoga Breathing
✔︎ Yini Inspired Poses

Explore a new, feminine centered yoga that empowers women’s sacredness, sensuality, sexuality.

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