I WENT TO HOT YOGA EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK… this is what happened

Bikram Yoga
I went to HOT YOGA every day for a week! 🔥 I’ve been practicing yoga for a long time, but never consistently. Because yoga helps with my anxiety and general well-being and is good for healing, I decided to challenge myself to go to Bikram yoga everyday to see what it would be like! If you’re wondering about how to start going to yoga or how to do it more consistently, I hope this video gives you more of an idea of what that would feel like!

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Hello! I’m Abbey Howe and this is my YouTube channel! I post self-development videos about creating a life that you’re proud of. If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, I’ve been there. And I want to help! And, as always, life is too short to be too serious so get ready to laugh along the way!

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