5 Yoga Poses to Strengthen your Back

Yoga For Strength
Here are 5 back yoga exercises that help prevent back pain, eliminate back fat and strengthen the condition of your back. Practice daily or at least 3-4 times a week for best results.

1. Cat-Cow Variation – Reduces stiffness in the back and hips and relieves tension in the spine.

Cow Pose – On your hands and knees, inhale and lift your head while making your back concave.

Cat Pose – On your exhale; tuck your tailbone, contract abs, and round your back, head down.

Child’s Pose – Draw your hips back to your heels, drop chest, rounding spine, and rest your forehead on the floor with your arms in front of you. Do 6 reps of the whole cycle. Rest in Child’s Pose for several breaths.

2. Bridge Pose – Stretches the abs, hips, quads, lower back and strengthens the abs.

-Lie face up with your feet on the floor about 6 inches from your butt with arms by sides, palms down.
-Inhaling, press into your feet and lift your lower body until your knees form a diagonal with your head.
-As you exhale, contract your abs and slowly lower your spine.
-Do 6 reps.

3. Extended Leg Pose – Stretches the hamstrings & strengthens the abs.

-Lie face up with your knees bent, feet on the floor, and take 3 breaths.
-A. Exhale and hug left knee to your chest.
-B. Inhaling, extend left leg over hip. Exhaling, hug it in. Do 3 reps.
-Hug knee in, then lower your foot. Switch sides and repeat.
-Exhale and hug both knees to chest for 3 breaths.

4. Butterfly Pose – Tones abs, pelvic floor and inner thighs.
– A. Lie faceup with your soles of feet together, knees open to the sides. Inhale.
– B. Exhale and slowly squeeze thighs together. Do 6 reps.
– Do 6 more times, taking twice as long to bring your thighs together.

5. Cobra Leg Lift – Strengthens the back and pelvic muscles.

-Lie facedown with your elbows by your sides and hands by your shoulders.
-Rest forehead on the floor with your chin tucked slightly.
-Inhale and lift your chest using your back muscles.
-At the same time, lift your right leg as high as you can while keeping your pelvis level.
-Hold, then exhale to lower.
-Switch sides and repeat.
-Do 6 reps, alternating sides, lifting your leg a little higher each time.

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