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Yoga For Relaxation
This 11 minute Yoga for sleep in bed practice is designed to help you wind down, stretch out and sleep soundly. You don’t need any props apart from your pillows and your bed. If your mind is busy at night this sequence is the perfect way to fall straight to sleep. All of these postures are safe to practice on your bed and are designed to do after you brush your teeth and have done everything else on your checklist before going to sleep so that there is no chance of distraction. Great if you are feeling highly stung or stressed out or just want to sleep deeply.

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Please take care when trying Yoga and Pilates and seek medical advice before trying any of my sequences and always listen to your body.

Music: “Inspiring Ambient Soundscape”


1. Seated Side Stretch

Benefits: Soothing, relieves stress and lengthens QL which gets very tight when you sit a lot and can cause back pain.

Contraindications: hip, shoulder or back injury.

2. Child’s Pose

Benefits: Great for high blood pressure and reduces stress. Also stretches hips, thighs, ankles and gently stretches the back.

Contraindications: Knee injury, pregnancy

3. Legs up the Wall

Benefits: Helps the mind to unwind, passive way to relieve stress and tension. One of the most effective postures for reducing high blood pressure! Improves circulation, reduces Edema (excessive fluid) in feet and legs. It also helps to relieve tired legs and has similar benefits of inversions without effort and potential injury like some of the advanced inversions.

Contraindications: Glaucoma and other eye issues.

4. Tipsy Sphinx (gentle variation).

Benefits: Can help to relieve sciatica and promotes relaxation. Option to come up onto the elbows for a deeper back bend but this version is designed to promote sleep, therefore, the front body is not being stimulated like in usual sphinx.

Contraindications: Back injury, neck injury

5. Seated Forward Fold

Benefits: Calming, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Also stretches the hamstrings, shoulders and improves digestion. All forward folds calm the nervous system and are great whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Great for insomnia, high blood pressure and can help with obesity.

Contraindications: Shoulder injury, back injury (slipped disc). Some people with low blood pressure should be careful when coming out of the pose.

💕💕Please always listen to your body throughout the practice💕💕

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